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Accelerating geostatistical simulations using graphics processing units (GPU). Computers and Geosciences. Vol. 46, p. 51 – 59 Tahmasebi, P, Sahimi, M, Mariethoz, G & Hezarkhani, A Technical journals & books 2012
Hydrological uncertainties in the modelling of cave drip-water δ18O and the implications for stalagmite palaeoclimate reconstructions. Quaternary Science Reviews vol 29 (17-18), pp 2201-2214. Baker, A, Bradley, C, Jex, CN, & Leng MJ Technical journals & books 2010
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Better placement of soil moisture point measurements guided by 2D resistivity tomography for improved irrigation scheduling. Soil Research vol 49 (6) pp 504-12. Kelly, BFJ, Acworth, RI & Greve, AK Technical journals & books 2011
An aeolian component in Pleistocene and Holocene valley aggradation, Dicks Creek Catchment, New South Wales. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 39.1, 13 - 38. DOI 10.1071/SR99099. Melis, M. I. & Acworth, R. I. Technical journals & books 2001
Managed aquifer recharge in farming landscapes using large floods: an opportunity to improve outcomes for the Murray-Darling Basin?. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management. Vol 20(1) pp. 34-48 Rawluk A., Curtis A., Sharp E. , Kelly B.F.J., Jakeman A.J., Ross A., Arshad M., Brodie R., Pollino C.A., Sinclair D., Croke B., Qureshi M.E. Technical journals & books 2013
Exploratory analysis of excitation-emission matrix fluorescence spectra with self-organizing maps - a tutorial. Education for Chemical Engineers. Bieroza, M, Baker, A & Bridgeman, J Technical journals & books 2012
Quantifying the impact of ion exchange on long term reactive solute transport in clay till using centrifugation and geochemical modelling. Journal of Hydrology- online doi 10.1006/j.hydrol.2006.06.25. Timms, W., Hendry, M.J. Technical journals & books 2006
Continuous Electrical Imaging for Mapping Aquifer Recharge Along Reaches of the Namoi River in Australia. Near Surface Geophysics, Volume: 7 Issue: 4 Pages: 259-270. Kelly B.F.J., Allen D., Ye K., Dahlin, T. Technical journals & books 2009
Millennial-length forward models and pseudoproxies of stalagmite δ18O: an example from NW Scotland. Climate of the Past Discussions. Vol. 8, p. 869 – 907 Baker, A, Bradley, C, Phipps, S, Fischer, M, Wynn, P, Fuller, L, Spoetl, C & Azcurra, C Technical journals & books 2012