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Adaptive spatial resampling for seismic inverse modelling. AGU Fall Meeting 2011, San Francisco, California, USA. 5-9 December. Jeong, C, Mujerji, T & Mariethoz, G Conference presentations 2011
Rethinking a conceptual model: advective versus diffusive chloride flux in a low permeability clay sequence. International Association of Hydrogeologists, Congress, Dijon, France Aquifer Systems Management, 30 May - 1 June, 2006. Timms, W. and Acworth, R. Conference presentations 2006
Statistical assessment of chemical and hydraulic trends in groundwater of the Mooki River alluvium. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 228 Scott B. Cook, Wendy Timms, Bryce F.J. Kelly, Ross S. Brodie Conference presentations 2015
Redox processes and arsenic release in the streambed of a semi-arid losing stream. AGU Fall Meeting 2011, San Francisco, California, USA. 5-9 December. Andersen, MS, Rau, GC, McCallum, AM, & Acworth, RI Conference presentations 2011
The Complexity of Numerical Modelling of the Singapore Coastal Waters. 8th National Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering, Surfer’s Paradise, July 13 - 16, 2004. Frazer, A, Glamore, W.C and Walker, J.M. Conference presentations 2004
An improved methodology for 3D multiple-point simulation from 2D training images. PROCEEDINGS OF geoENV2012, Valencia, Spain September 19-21 Comunian, A, Renard, P., Straubhaar, J. & Kelly, B.F.J. Conference presentations 2012
Are groundwater salinity changes in the Namoi catchment leading to the degradation of beneficial uses?. In: McLean, W., and Milne-Holme B. NSW IAH Symposium 2011: Hydrogeology in NSW - the Challenge of Uncertainty, Dockside, Sydney, Australia, 5-6 September. Badenhop A, Timms WA, Kelly BFJ, Witts B, Rayner D & Mehrabi, S Conference presentations 2011
Electrical imaging of a tidal creek using a combined land and underwater electrodes - an example from Hat Head, NSW, Australia. In I. Hill (Editor), Proceedings 7th Meeting Environmental and Engineering Geophysics - Proceedings, EEGS/Geological Society of London, In: K-P Seiler & S. Wohnlich (Editors), 192-193. Acworth R. I. & Dasey, G. Conference presentations 2001
Assessing the Impact of Model Spin up on Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions Using an Integrated Hydrologic Model . American Geophysical Union San Francisco December 2012 Ajami, H, McCabe, MF, Evans, JP & Stisen, S Conference presentations 2012
Analyzing parameter sensitivities in a complex distributed hydrological model using remotely sensed surface temperatures'. Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010 Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, September 27-30, 2010. Stisen, S, McCabe, MF Conference presentations 2010