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The hydrogeology and hydrogeochemical processes associated with the occurrence of dryland salinity in the Strontian Road Basin, NSW. In: Proceedings of the 25th Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Adelaide, SA, 21 - 25 November, 1994, Vol. 2, Part A, 367-372. Jankowski, J, Acworth, R.I., & Little, W.A. Conference presentations 1994
Integrating geological concepts in numerical inversion methods. ModelCare 2011, Leipzig, Germany, 18-22 September. Mariethoz, G, Renard, P & Straubhaar, J Conference presentations 2011
Design of subsurface well intakes for coastal desalination. IAH05 Where waters meet, 28 November-2nd December, Auckland, New Zealand. Published by the New Zealand Hydrological Society, ISBN 0-473-10627-2. Anderson, D., Timms, W. and Glamore, W. Conference presentations 2005
Neogene Climate Change and the Impact on the Hydrostatigraphy of the Lower Namoi Catchment, Australia. AGU Fall Meeting 2011, San Francisco, California, USA. 5-9 December. Poster: EP31A-0791. Kelly BFJ, Giambastiani B, Larsen J, Ralph T & Baker, A Conference presentations 2011
Long term water quality trends in Australia's largest river basins. European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 3-8 April 2011. Larsen, J, Mariethoz, G, Andersen, MS &Kelly, BFJ Conference presentations 2011
A process-based analysis of the shoreline as detected in digital images. Proceedings, 16th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference, Inst.Eng.Aust., Auckland, New Zealand, Paper #016 (CD Conference Volume), 9p. ISBN 0-473-09832-6. Boak, E.H. and Turner I.L. Conference presentations 2003
Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium heat transfer in fractures: the realistic approach in geothermal reservoir simulations. 2012 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference Sydney 14-16 November Roshan, H, Andersen, MS & Acworth, RI Conference presentations 2012
Implications of 3D geological architecture for surface-groundwater connectivity in the Mooki catchment. In McLean, W & Milne-Holme, B. NSW IAH Symposium 2011: Hydrogeology in NSW - the Challenge of Uncertainty, Dockside, Sydney, Australia, 5-6 September. Timms WA, Kelly BFJ, Blakers, R, Farley, C, Regmi, G, Larsen, J & Bowling, A Conference presentations 2011
Quantifying leakage and mixing in an alluvial aquifer system: a combined hydrochemical and hydrodynamic modelling approach constrained by stable isotope evidence. In: Seiler & Wohnlich (Eds.) Proceedings of the XXXI IAH Congress on Groundwater New Approaches to characterizing groundwater flow: Munich, Germany, 10th - 14th September, 2001. Timms, W., Acworth, R.I., Jankowski, J. Conference presentations 2001
Hydrological investigations of surface water-groundwater interactions in a sub-catchment in the Namoi Valley, NSW, Australia In: Trends and Sustainability of Groundwater in Highly Stressed Aquifers eds.: Taniguchi M. et al. Proc. of the Joint IAHS & IAH Congress, Hyderabad, India, 6th - 12th of September 2009. IAHS Publ. 329, 2009, 157-166. McCallum, A.M., Andersen, M.S., Kelly B.F.J., Giambastiani, B. & Acworth, R.I. Conference presentations 2009