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Recharge through smectite clays on the Liverpool Plains, New South Wales, Australia. In: Groundwater Flow Understanding XXXIII IAH Conference, Zaxatecas, Mexico, 11 to 15 Octobert, 2004 - ISBN 970-32-1749-4. Acworth, R.I. & Timms W.A Conference presentations 2004
Improving Satellite Soil Moisture Estimates by Combining Passive and Active Microwave Observations (1992-2008). Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010 Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, September 27-30,2010. Liu, Y, Parinussa, R, Dorigo, W, de Jeu, R.A.M., McCabe MF et al Conference presentations 2010
Fate of engineered nanoparticles: Challenges in informing human and ecological health risk assessments. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 79 Denis O’Carroll Conference presentations 2015
Applications of coastal imaging technology to Coastal Engineering and Coastal Management in Australia. Proceedings, 16th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference, Inst.Eng.Aust., Auckland, New Zealand, Paper #159 (CD Conference Volume), 10p. ISBN 0-473-09832-6. Turner I.L. Conference presentations 2003
Centrifuge permeameter testing, cores, bores and geophysics for characterising aquitards and leaks. Groundwater 2010, Canberra, Australia 31 October-4 November, 2010. Timms WA, Acworth RI, Greve A & Whelan M. Conference presentations 2010
Natural temperature variations and soil moisture content in the vadose zone. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 231 Landon JS Halloran, Martin S. Andersen, Gabriel C. Rau, Hamid Roshan, Ian Acworth Conference presentations 2015
Groundwater quality trends related to aquitard salt storage at selected sites on the Lower Murrumbidgee alluvium, Australia. In: Sililo et. al (Ed) Proceedings of the XXX International Associated of Hydrogeologists Congress on Groundwater: Groundwater: Past Achievements and Future Challenges, Cape Town, South Africa, 26 November - 1 December, 2000, pp. 655-660. Timms, W., Acworth, R.I., Jankowski, J., Lawson, S. Conference presentations 2000
Impact of satellite-derived albedo on water cycle simulations over Australia's Murray-Darling Basin with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. The Fourth International Workshop on Catchment-scale Hydrological Modelling and Data Assimilation, Lhasa, Tibet, 21-23 July 2010. Evans, JP & McCabe, MF Conference presentations 2010
Investigation of surfacewater/groundwater interactions using environmental isotopes (2H, 18O, 14C and 3H) in the Maules Creek Catchment, NSW, Australia. 10th Australasian Environmental Isotope Conference & 3rd Australasian Hydrogeology Research Conference 1-3 December 2009, Perth, WA. Andersen M.S., McCallum, A.M., Meredith K.T., Acworth R.I. Conference presentations 2009
Recent Advances and Developments in MPS. 73rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Vienna, Austria, 23-26 May 2011. Daly,C & Mariethoz, G Conference presentations 2011