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Characterisation of hydraulic properties of clay aquitards in the Namoi Catchment. Poster presentation. 11th Australasian Environmental Isotope Conference & 4th Australasian Hydrogeology Research Conference, Cairns, Australia, 12-14 July 2011. Regmi G, Timms WA, Acworth RI, Whelan M & McDonell M Conference presentations 2011
Long-term Salinity Changes in an Inland Aquifer, NSW, Australia.. Proceedings of the 34th Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium 34th Hydrology and Water Resources Syposium Sydney, NSW 19-22 November, 2012 Badenhop, AM & Timms, WA Conference presentations 2012
Sources of salinity in the Kyeamba Valley: Implications for the agricultural productivity due to the impact of Na-Cl rich groundwaters. In: T. R. Weaver and C. R. Lawrence (Editors), Proceedings of the International Groundwater Conference 1998: Groundwater: Sustainable Solutions, Melbourne, 8 - 13 February, 1998, 287 - 292. Jankowski, J., Acworth, R. I. & Shekarforoush, S. Conference presentations 1998
Investigation of δ18O and δ2H in the Namoi River catchment - elucidating recharge sources and the extent of surface water/groundwater interaction. Invited paper to the Annual IAH conference in Toyama, Japan 2008. Andersen M.S., Meredith K., Timms W. & Acworth R.I. Conference presentations 2008
Potential impact of sea-level rise on coastal aquifers. Groundwater 2010 IAH Australia Canberra, Australia, 31 October-4 November 2010. Pells, S., Timms, WA., Carley, J., Andersen, MS, Glamore, W., Turner, IL, & Acworth, RI Conference presentations 2010
Barriers to flow: advancing aquitard assessments for energy and mineral resource projects. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 73 W. Timms Conference presentations 2015
Spatial variability and its influence on the runoff hydrograph. Proc. 1997 Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, I.E.Aust, Auckland, New Zealand, pp 429 - 434. Ball, J.E. & Hassey, M Conference presentations 1997
Guidelines to Perform Multiple-Point Statistical Simulations with the Direct Sampling Algorithm. Geostatistics Oslo 2012 Merschman, E, Mariethoz, G, Straubhaar, J., Van Merivenne, M & Renard, P. Conference presentations 2012
Interactions between groundwater and artificial ponds in the northern Botany aquifer, Sydney, Australia. In: Riberio, L, Chambel, A., Condesso de Melo MT (Eds). Groundwater and Ecosystems. Proceedings of International Association of Hydrogeologists XXXV Congress, Groundwater and Ecosystems, 17-21 September, 2007, Lisbon, Portugal. ISBM 978-989-95297-3-1. Timms, W., Acworth, I., Turner, I Conference presentations 2007
Investigations of surface water ground-water interactions in a water stressed semi-arid catchment. Namoi Groundwater Forum, Tamworth, NSW, Australia, 3 December 2010. Andersen, MS, Acworth, RI, Rau, GC, & McCallum, AM Conference presentations 2010