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Optimising desalination feed water quality using subsurface intakes. GQ07: Securing Groundwater Quality in Urban and Industrial Environments (Proc. 6th International Groundwater Quality Conference held in Fremantle, Western Australia, 2-7 December 2007). IAHS Publ. no. XXX, 2008. Cunningham, IL, Timms, WA, Badenhop, AM Conference presentations 2007
Acidification and trace metal mobility in soil and shallow groundwater on the Gnangara Mound, Western Australia. World Congress of Soil Science, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 16 August 2010. Ward, J, Andersen, MS, Appleyard, S, & Clohessy, S Conference presentations 2010
Improved contamination assessment of a domestic landfill using integrated geophysical, geochemical and hydrogeological methods. In: Proceedings of the 25th Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Adelaide, SA, 21 - 25 November, 1994, Vol. 2, Part A, 235-240. Acworth, R.I., Kelly, B. & Jankowski, J. Conference presentations 1994
Time lapse electrical resistivity imaging to detect water movement beneath irrigated crops. In Acworth RI, Macky G and Merrick N (Editors) Where Waters Meet: Proceedings of the NZHS-IAH-NZSSS 2005 Conference, Auckland, 29 November - 1 December 2005. Publisher: New Zealand Hydrological Society, PO Box 12300, Wellington, NZ. ISBN: 0-473-10627-2. Acworth RI & Kelly BFJ Conference presentations 2005
On the Temporal Variability of Streambed Hydraulic Conductivity. Groundwater 2010, Canberra, ACT, Australia, 31October-4 November 2010. Andersen, MS, Rau, G C, McCallum, AM, & Acworth, RI Conference presentations 2010
Aquifer recovery during the transition from drought to a wet period: the mechanisms and pathways to recovery. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 55 Calvin Li, Martin Andersen, Bryce Kelly, Gabriel Rau, Andrew McCallum, Andy Baker Conference presentations 2015
Seasonal and Long-Term Groundwater Quality Changes in Alluvial Aquifer Systems. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Denver, Colorado, November 7 - 10, 2004. Timms, W. A. & Hendry, M. J. Conference presentations 2004
Conditional simulation of realistic meandering channels using 1D multiple-point simulations . Geostatistics Oslo 2012 Mariethoz, G, Comunian, A, Irarrazaval, I & Renard, P Conference presentations 2013
Potential impact of sea-level rise on coastal aquifers. Groundwater 2010, Canberra, ACT, Australia, 31 October -4 November 2010. Pells, SE, Timms, WA, Carley, JT, Andersen, MS, et al Conference presentations 2010
Tracing hydrological variability and isotopic composition of waters from surface to cave at the Wellington Caves in SE Australia: Paleoclimate implications. INQUIA Conference, Bern, Switzlerland 21-27 July, 2011. Jex, C, Mariethoz, G, Baker, A, Graham, P, Andersen, MS, Edwards N, Kelly, BFJ & Azcurra, C Conference presentations 2011