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Modelling the instantaneous spatial variability of rainfall. Proc. 1997 Hydrology and Water Resources Conference, I.E.Aust., Auckland, New Zealand, pp 530. Luk, K.C. & Ball, J.E. Conference presentations 1997
Seawater intakes through aquifers. Invited presentation to AWA DEBOOT Desalination Workshops. 13-14 September in Adelaide, 16-17 September in Sydney. Timms, W., Miller, B. Conference presentations 2007
Aquifers, aquitards and mining. Abstracts booklet of NCGRT-ACSMP workshop, 27-28 March, UNSW, Sydney, ISBN: 978-0-7334-3433-4. Bouzalakos, S., Timms, W. Conference presentations 2014
Palaeoclimate Impacts on Aquifer Architecture and Hydraulic Connectivity . Proceedings of 39th Symposium on the Geology of the Sydney Basin 38th Symposium on the Advances in the Study of the Sydney Basin Hunter Valley, NSW 10-11th May 2012 Kelly, B.F.J., Giambastiani, B, Larsen J, Ralph, T, Timms, WA & Baker, A Conference presentations 2012
Disconnected waters in the Gunnedah Basin? Part 1: Geophysical field methods to characterise geological barriers to flow. In McLean, W & Milne-Holme, B. NSW IAH Symposium 2011: Hydrogeology in NSW - the Challenge of Uncertainty, Dockside, Sydney, Australia, 5-6 September. Greve AK, Timms, WA & Rogan, A Conference presentations 2011
Groundwater quality impacts of on-site disposal, OnSite05 Performance assessment for On-site systems: regulation, operation and monitoring. 26-30 September, Armidale. Pp. 367-374. ISBN 0-9579438-2-2. Timms, W., Glamore, W. and Pells, S. Conference presentations 2005
The groundwater games: modelling cooperation in groundwater basins using agent-based models. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 166 Juan Carlos Castilla-Rho, Mariethoz, G, Rojas, R, Holley, C, Andersen, M5, Kelly, BFJ Conference presentations 2015
Investigation of recharge pathways and recharge rates using environmental isotopes (2H, 18O, 14C and 3H) in the Maules Creek Catchment, NSW, Australia. 38th IAH Congress, Krakow, Poland, 12-17 September 2010. Andersen, MS, McCallum, AM, Meredith, K, & Acworth, RI Conference presentations 2010
Application of centrifuge modelling to assess long term brine migration in thick clay till, Saskatchewan, Canada. Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Conference "Water in Mining", Brisbane, October 13-15, 2003., pp. 363-372. Timms, W.A. and Hendry, M.J. Conference presentations 2003
Aquitard storativity estimates based upon geophysical (cross-hole and MASW) measurements of the bulk modulus. International Association of Hydrogeologists Niagara, Canada 16-21 September Acworth, RI, Timms, WA, Fitzpatrick, A & Greve, A K Conference presentations 2012