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Developing sustainable groundwater supplies for irrigating parks. 1st Australian Young Water Professionals Conference, UNSW, Sydney, February 15-17, Paper 3.13, Online at Badenhop, A. and Timms, W. Conference presentations 2006
Organic matter content and redox chemistry in upwelling and down-welling hyporheic zones of a groundwater fed stream. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 162 Helen Rutlidge, Martin S Andersen, Stefan M Eberhard, Landon Halloran, Beth Neilsen, Gabriel Rau, Calvin Li, Afrida Salma, Junsong Chen, Cecil Moll, Cassandra Murphy, Andy Baker Conference presentations 2015
Crystallize: Mathematica Scripts for 3D Geological Modelling, 3D Geological Modelling workshop. Groundwater 2010, Canberra Act, Australia 31 October - 4 November 2010. Kelly, BFJ Conference presentations 2010
Implications of 3D geological architecture for surface-groundwater connectivity in the Mooki catchment. NSW IAH Symposium 2011: Hydrogeology in NSW - the Challenge of Uncertainty, Dockside, Sydney, Australia, 5-6 September. Timms, WA., Kelly, BFJ ,Blakers, R, Farley, C, Regmi, G, Larsen, J & Bowling, A Conference presentations 2011
A radio-isotope tracer investigation of groundwater flux adjacent to a tidal creek. Melbourne University Inaugural Hydrogeology Research Conference 1-3 December. Acworth R.I. & Hughes C. Conference presentations 2004
Recharge and leakage through clay sediment. NCGRT Hydrology Research Discovery, Gunnedah, 10th August, 2011. Timms, WA Conference presentations 2011
Exchange Rates that Control Migration of Naturally Occurring Solutes in Unoxidised Clay Till. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 27 - 30 October, 2002, Denver, USA. Timms, W. & Hendry, M. J. Conference presentations 2002
Using bivariate multiple-point statistics for the processing of proximal soil sensor data. geoENV2012 Valencia, Spain September 19-21 Merschman, E, Mariethoz, G & Van Merivenne, M Conference presentations 2012
3d Geological Modelling And Carbon Storage Potential Of The Sydney Basin. Thirty Seventh Symposium on the Geology of the Sydney Basin. Abstracts: Edited by A. Hutton, C. Ward and H. Bowman. May 6-7, 2010, Pokolbin, NSW, Australia. Douglass, J and B Kelly Conference presentations 2010
Modelling the Export of Phosphorous From Urban Catchments. Proc. HydraStorm 98, Adelaide, pp 45-50. Abustan, I & Ball, J.E. Conference presentations 1998