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Managing the total groundwater system on the Liverpool Plain, NSW - The relationship between shallow saline groundwaters and confined alluvial aquifers. Murray Darling Basin Commission Workshop 1997, Toowoomba, 26 - 28 August, 1997. Timms, W. Conference presentations 1997
The Liverpool Plains Water Quality Project: 1996/97 Technical Report on Groundwater Quality. Department of Land and Water Conservation, Centre for Natural Resources, CNR 97.108. Timms, W. Technical reports 1997
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Determination of physicochemical parameters of solids covered with conditioning films from groundwaters using contact angles - Comparitive analyses of different thermodynamic approaches using a range of diagnostic liquids. Colloids and Surfaces A. Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, v. 126, p. 1-23. DOI 10.1016/S0927-7757(96)03885-X. Schneider, R. P., Chadwick, B. R., Jankowski, J., & I. Acworth Technical journals & books 1997
Vertical hydrochemical zonation in a coastal section of the Botany Sands Aquifer, Sydney, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, v.5, No 2, p. 64--74. DOI 10.1007/s100400050117. Lavitt, N, Acworth, R. I., & Jankowski, J. Technical journals & books 1997
Impact of debris-flow deposits on hydrogeochemical processes and dryland salinity development in the Yass River Catchment, New South Wales, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, v.5, n. 4, p.71-88. DOI 10.1007/s100400050119. Jankowski, J & R. I. Acworth Technical journals & books 1997
Enhancements to the stormwater management model. Australian Journal of Water Resources, 2(1):9 - 13. Ball, J.E Technical journals & books 1997
Yass Valley Salinity Mapping - Progress Report. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Radar Image Processing and Applications. University of New South Wales, Sydney, 6-8 November, 1995. Published by CSIRO Office of Space Science and Applications. Acworth, I. Conference presentations 1997
The relationship between bulk electrical conductivity and dryland salinity in the Narrabri Formation at Breeza, Liverpool Plains, New South Wales, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, v.5, n. 3, p. 109-123. DOI 10.1007/s100400050259. Acworth, R. I & Jankowski, J Technical journals & books 1997