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The relationship between the 1947 shift in climate and the expansion of dryland salinity on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range in NSW. In "Salinity, water, society - global issues, local action". Proceedings of the 2nd International Salinity forum, 31 March-3 April 2008, Adelaide. Rancici, A., Acworth, RI. Conference presentations 2008
Potential impact of sea-level rise on coastal aquifers. Groundwater 2010 IAH Australia Canberra, Australia, 31 October-4 November 2010. Pells, S., Timms, WA., Carley, J., Andersen, MS, Glamore, W., Turner, IL, & Acworth, RI Conference presentations 2010
Aquifer recovery during the transition from drought to a wet period: the mechanisms and pathways to recovery. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 55 Calvin Li, Martin Andersen, Bryce Kelly, Gabriel Rau, Andrew McCallum, Andy Baker Conference presentations 2015
Conditional simulation of realistic meandering channels using 1D multiple-point simulations . Geostatistics Oslo 2012 Mariethoz, G, Comunian, A, Irarrazaval, I & Renard, P Conference presentations 2013
Modelling the instantaneous spatial variability of rainfall. Proc. 1997 Hydrology and Water Resources Conference, I.E.Aust., Auckland, New Zealand, pp 530. Luk, K.C. & Ball, J.E. Conference presentations 1997
Seawater intakes through aquifers. Invited presentation to AWA DEBOOT Desalination Workshops. 13-14 September in Adelaide, 16-17 September in Sydney. Timms, W., Miller, B. Conference presentations 2007
Investigations of surface water ground-water interactions in a water stressed semi-arid catchment. Namoi Groundwater Forum, Tamworth, NSW, Australia, 3 December 2010. Andersen, MS, Acworth, RI, Rau, GC, & McCallum, AM Conference presentations 2010
Assessing connectivity between an aquifer and coal seam gas production using water geochemistry and methane isotopes. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 197 Charlotte Iverach, Dioni I. Cendon, Stuart I. Hankin, Dave Lowry, Rebecca E. Fisher, James L. France, Euan G. Nisbet, Andy Baker, Bryce F.J. Kelly Conference presentations 2015
Quantifying the value of laminated stalagmites for Paleoclimate reconstructions. AGU Fall Meeting 2011, San Francisco, California, USA. 5-9 December. Baker, A,Kelly, BFJ & Mariethoz Gregoire Conference presentations 2011
Groundwater quality impacts of on-site disposal, OnSite05 Performance assessment for On-site systems: regulation, operation and monitoring. 26-30 September, Armidale. Pp. 367-374. ISBN 0-9579438-2-2. Timms, W., Glamore, W. and Pells, S. Conference presentations 2005