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Drip Water Hydrology and Speleothems. . Nature Education Knowledge 3(5):16 Baker, A. & Fairchild, I. J. Technical journals & books 2012
Geotechnical centrifuge permeameter for characterizing aquitards: pore water chemistry and potential inter-aquifer leakage. International Association of Hydrogeologists Niagara, Canada 16-21 September Timms, WA, Hartland, A, Acworth, RI, Whelan, M, Hendry, MJ & O, D Conference presentations 2012
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Application of multiple organic tracers for assessing fluxes through aquitards and potential connectivity with surface waters . International Association of Hydrogeologists Niagara, Canada 16-21 September Timms, WA, Hartland, A, Khan, SJ & McDonald, J Conference presentations 2012
Analysis of Pore Pressure Distribution in Shale Formations under Hydraulic, Chemical, Thermal and Electrical Interactions. Transport in Porous Media. Vol. 92 p. 61 -81 Roshan, H & Aghighi, MA Technical journals & books 2012
Constraining groundwater flow, residence times, inter-aquifer mixing, and aquifer properties using environmental isotopes in the southeast Murray Basin, Australia. . Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 27(9), p. 1698-1709. Cartwright, I., Weaver, T. R., Cendón, D. I., Keith Fifield, L., Tweed, S. O., Petrides, B., and Swane, I. Technical journals & books 2012
Assessing the Impact of Model Spin up on Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions Using an Integrated Hydrologic Model . American Geophysical Union San Francisco December 2012 Ajami, H, McCabe, MF, Evans, JP & Stisen, S Conference presentations 2012
Use of heat as tracer to quantify vertical streambed flow in a two-dimensional flow field. Water Resources Research. Vol. 48, 16pp Roshan, H, Rau, GC, Andersen, MS & Acworth, RI Technical journals & books 2012
Electrophoresis enhanced transport of nano-scale zero valent iron. Advances in Water Resources. Vol. 40, p. 71 – 82 Chowdhury, AIA, O'Carroll, DM, Xu, Y & Sleep, BE Technical journals & books 2012