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Combinaisons de probabilite: le modele log-lineaire est calibre. 44e Journee de Statistique Bruxelles 21-25 May 2012 Allard, D, Comunian, A & Renard, P Conference presentations 2012
From soil to cave: Transport of trace metals by natural organic matter in karst dripwaters. Chemical Geology. Vol. 304-305, p. 68 – 82 Hartland, A, Fairchild, IJ, Lead JR, Borsato A, Baker, A, Frisia S & Baalousha, M Technical journals & books 2012
. Conditional Simulation of Geological Textures by Image Quilting . 1st International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering 2012 (ICACE 2012) CUET, Chittagong, Bangladesh 12 / 14 December 2012 Mahmud, K, Mariethoz, G, & Baker, A Conference presentations 2012
Tree-water use and groundwater level changes in an unconfined alluvial aquifer at Maules Creek, Narrabri, NSW Australia. IAH Congress Niagara Falls, Canada Acworth, I. R., McCallum, A., Rau, G. & Andersen, M.S. Conference presentations 2012
A Review of Probability Aggregation Methods in Earth Sciences Geostatistics. Geostats 2012 Oslo, Norway June 11-15 Comunian, A, Allard, D & Renard, P Conference presentations 2012
Compliance and Enforcement of Water Licences in NSW: Limitations in Law, Policy and Institutions. . The Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy. Vol. 15, p. 149 – 189 Holley, C Technical journals & books 2012
Water Presence in an Arid and Semi-arid River: Pattern, causes, mechanisms and change. American Geophysical Union San Francisco December 2012 Meixner, T, Soto, C, Ajami, H, Turner, D, Richter, H & Dominguez, F Conference presentations 2012
Groundwater hydrogeochemistry in the unsaturated zone of a paleokarstified Devonian limestone, SE Australia. Paper presented to the 39th International Association of Hydrogelogist Congress 2012. Niagara Falls, ON. In Congress Program and Book of Abstracts, P 59-60 Baker, A., Jex, C., Andersen, M.S., Graham, P. & Markowska, M. Conference presentations 2012
Adaptive Spatial Resampling Applied to Seismic Inverse Modeling. Geostats 2012 Oslo, Norway June 11-15 eong, C, Mukerji, Z & Mariethoz, G Conference presentations 2012
Spatially dense drip hydrological monitoring at the Wellington Caves, South East Australia. International Journal of Speleology. Vol. 41, p. 285 – 298 Jex, CN, Mariethoz, G, Baker, A, Graham, P, Andersen, MS, Acworth, RI, Edwards, N & Azcurra, C Technical journals & books 2012