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Karst unsaturated zone hydrogeological properties constrained by annually laminated stalagmite growth-rate time-series. 39th IAH Congress Niagara Falls, Canada September 16-21, 2012 Baker, A, Mariethoz, G & Kelly, B.F.J. Conference presentations 2012
Adaptive Spatial Resampling Applied to Seismic Inverse Modeling. Geostats 2012 Oslo, Norway June 11-15 eong, C, Mukerji, Z & Mariethoz, G Conference presentations 2012
Spatially dense drip hydrological monitoring at the Wellington Caves, South East Australia. International Journal of Speleology. Vol. 41, p. 285 – 298 Jex, CN, Mariethoz, G, Baker, A, Graham, P, Andersen, MS, Acworth, RI, Edwards, N & Azcurra, C Technical journals & books 2012
The Archean bentley Zn-Cu volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit: alteration and chemostratigraphy. Proceedings of the 34th International Geological Congress 2012 34th International Geological Congress Brisbane, Queensland 5-10 August, 2012 Burkett, D, Graham, IT, Kelly, B.F.J., Lennox, PG & Martin, N Conference presentations 2012
Statistical downscaling of land-atmospheric variables using Direct Sampling method. Geomatrix12 Mumbai, India 26-29 February Jha, S & Mariethoz, G Conference presentations 2012
Demonstration of a geostatistical approach to physically-consistent downscaling of climate modeling simulations. . Water Resources Research. Vol. 49, p. 1 – 15 Jha, S, Mariethoz, G, Evans, JP & McCabe, MF Technical journals & books 2012
Distribution and temporal variations in palaeo-groundwater on the Australian continent . 39th IAH Congress, Niagara Falls, Canada Cendón, D.I, Markowska, M, Chen, J, van der Ley, M, Hughes, C & Larsen, JR General articles in popular publications 2012
Long-term Salinity Changes in an Inland Aquifer, NSW, Australia.. Proceedings of the 34th Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium 34th Hydrology and Water Resources Syposium Sydney, NSW 19-22 November, 2012 Badenhop, AM & Timms, WA Conference presentations 2012
Integrating collocated auxiliary parameters in geostatistical simulations using joint probability distributions and probability aggregation. Water Resources Research. Vol. 45, W08421 Mariethoz, G Technical journals & books 2012
Using Climatic Insights to Guide Stochastic Process-Based Modelling of a Valley Filling Fluvial Sequence in the Murray-Darling Basin. Australia British Sedimentological Research Group 51st Annual General Meeting British Sedimentological Research Group 51st Annual General Meeting Dublin, Ireland 18th - 20th December 2012 Comunian, A, Mariethoz, G & Kelly, B.F.J. Conference presentations 2012