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Interaction between coastal sand-dune aquifers, adjacent wetlands and sea water. In: J. Van Brahana et al. (Editors), Proceedings of the XXVIII Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 27 September - 2 October, 1998, 461 - 468. Acworth, R. I., Jankowski, J., Turner, I. & Soriano, R. Conference presentations 1998
Aquifer connectivity in the Namoi. Cotton CRC Science Forum. August, 2009. Kelly, B.F.J, Giambastiani B., and A.M. McCallum and W.Timms Conference presentations 2009
Groundwater research update for the Upper Namoi catchment. Community workshop organised by Cotton Catchment Communities CRC at Gunnedah Services Club, 10th March, 2011. Timms, WA Conference presentations 2011
What controls the cave drip water temperature? Analysis and implications for paleoclimate reconstruction from speleothems. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 171 Gabriel C. Raul, Mark O. Cuthbert, Martin S. Andersen, Andy Baker, Helen Rutlidge, Monika Markowska, Hamid Roshan, Christopher E. Marjo, Peter W. Graham, R. Ian Acworth Conference presentations 2015
Provenance of Cainozoic Deposits and Related Dryland Salinity, Upper Dicks Creek Catchment, New South Wales. In Aeolian Dust: Implications for Australian Mineral Exploration and Environmental Management. Abstracts of the Symposium held at The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT. Eds R.Gatehouse and R. Greene. CRC LEME Report 102, 25 \& 26 November, 1998. Melis, M.I. & Acworth, R.I. Conference presentations 1998
Hydrochemical investigations of surface water groundwater interactions in a sub-catchment in the Namoi Valley, NSW, Australia. Proceedings of the XXXV IAH Congress "Groundwater and Ecosystems", Lisbon. September, 2007. Andersen M.S. & Acworth R.I. Conference presentations 2007
Improving Satellite Soil Moisture Estimates by Combining Passive and Active Microwave Observations (1992-2008). Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010 Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, September 27-30,2010. Liu, Y, Parinussa, R, Dorigo, W, de Jeu, R.A.M., McCabe MF et al Conference presentations 2010
Groundwater hydrogeochemistry in the unsaturated zone of a paleokarstified Devonian limestone, SE Australia. Paper presented to the 39th International Association of Hydrogelogist Congress 2012. Niagara Falls, ON. In Congress Program and Book of Abstracts, P 59-60 Baker, A., Jex, C., Andersen, M.S., Graham, P. & Markowska, M. Conference presentations 2012
Physical and numerical modelling of infiltration through a landfill cover. International Conference on Engineering Geology, Athens, Greece, July, Balkema, pp 2203-2208. Swarbrick, G.E. & Koupai, J.A. Conference presentations 1997
Rethinking a conceptual model: advective versus diffusive chloride flux in a low permeability clay sequence. International Association of Hydrogeologists, Congress, Dijon, France Aquifer Systems Management, 30 May - 1 June, 2006. Timms, W. and Acworth, R. Conference presentations 2006