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Electrical imaging of the saline intrusion pattern beneath a tidal creek in a sand aquifer. In: K-P Seiler & S. Wohnlich (Editors), New Approaches to Characterising Groundwater Flow, Balkema, Rotterdam, 691-696. Acworth, R. I. & Dasey, G. Conference presentations 2001
The electrical image method compared with resistivity sounding and electromagnetic profiling for investigation in areas of complex geology - A case study from groundwater investigation in a weathered crystalline rock environment. Exploration Geophysics, 32, 119-128. DOI 10.1071/EG01119. Acworth, R. I. Technical journals & books 2001
Salinisation processes in an irrigation environment: Coleambally Irrigation Area, Coleambally, New South Wales. Murray Darling Basin Groundwater Workshop. Adelaide 4-6 September 2001 . Paper 5B.2 Bell, J., Acworth, R. I., Timms, W. & Jankowski, J. Conference presentations 2001
Origin of sodium-bicarbonate waters in the south-eastern part of the Great Artesian Basin: Influx of magmatic CO2. In: R. Cidu (Editor), Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction, Villasimius, Italy, 10-15 June, 2001. Swets & Zeitlinger, Lisse, The Netherlands, 541-544. Jankowski, J. & McLean, W. Conference presentations 2001
Tamworth Sewerage Augmentation and 100% Effluent Reuse Scheme - Supplementary Groundwater Sampling. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2002/07. Turner, I. L., Timms, W. & Dorairaj, S. Technical reports 2002
Natural leakage pathways through cracking smectite clay: a hydrogeological synthesis of data from the Hudson Agricultural Trial site on the Liverpool Plains. UNSW Water Research Laboratory, Research Report No. 209. Timms, W., Acworth, R.I., Young, R. Research reports 2002
Ecomax Disposal System - Smiths Lake Groundwater Monitoring. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2002/35. Turner, I. L., Pells, S. E. & Timms, W. A. Technical reports 2002
Induced leakage due to groundwater pumping and flood irrigation at the Pullaming Agricultural Field Station, Liverpool Plains. UNSW Water Research Laboratory, Research Report No. 208. Timms, W., Acworth, R.I. Research reports 2002
Sustainable Water Quality in Groundwater Abstraction for Irrigation in Agricultural Farming Systems. Irrigation Australia 2002 Conference, Irrigation - Conservation or Conflict, 21-23 May 2002, Sydney. Jankowski, J., McLean, W. & Timms, W. Conference presentations 2002
Exchange Rates that Control Migration of Naturally Occurring Solutes in Unoxidised Clay Till. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 27 - 30 October, 2002, Denver, USA. Timms, W. & Hendry, M. J. Conference presentations 2002